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Technologically Advanced Features;

Pulse Fluoroscopy, DSA, STENT CLARITYTM, Road Map.

Allows you to carry out a wide range of diverse Cardiac, Peripheral Vascular and Neurovascular diagnostic and interventional procedures smoothly and with confidence.

Stent ClarityTM- Now visualise the stent better than ever before - Enhanced visibility of the stent facilitates optimal expansion and placement of DES when it matters most.

21cm * 21cm Flat Panel Detector

Powerful X-Ray Tube

Single Large HD Display Monitor

Selectable Frame Rates

Neuro Vascular/ Cardio Vascular/ Peripheral Vascular Imaging mode

77% DQE Superior Image Quality and Lower Radiation Dose

QCA & Stent Clarity

High Resolution Images & Class
Leading Image Quality

industry leading


and responsive

  • Touch Screen and Physical Controls
  • TAB based patient data control
  • First in the industry to have tablet based interface which allows all patient data to be controlled easily & efficiently
  • Table Control with Capacitive Switch

Reference & LIVE
images together

Display: Experience the Best in Industry

  • 55” High Resolution 4K Ultra HD Monitor
  • All that you need to see - on a Single Screen
  • Sharper Image Quality: Very High contrast ratio and brightness of the monitor

Sleek Design

  • Smallest footprint - Enabling Ease of Installation and Cost Savings
  • Eliminates the need for expensive modifications and can fit in small procedure rooms.

Peak of Perfection

  • Coronary
  • Coronary
  • Peripheral Vascular
  • DSA Neuro
  • Proprietary image processing chain ensures sharper images at lower radiation leading to enhanced Patient and Physician Safety
  • Low dose mode
  • Powerful Heat Exchanger - Peace of mind for longer complex procedures

PINNACLE allows you to perform a wide variety of Cardiac, Peripheral Vascular and Neuro Vascular diagnostic and interventional Procedures with ease.

ASPIRETM - Advanced Supercomputing based Pinnacle Image Resolution

Super Computing Algorithms used for the first time resulting in sharpest image quality which allows clear visualization of all details.