Supercomputing Algorithms used for the first time in Medical Imaging Technology, resulting in Sharp, Virtually Noise Free, High Resolution Image quality.

Pinnacle-Designed to Meet Global Standards in Medical Imaging. MADE IN INDIA, extended to the world.

Discover Pinnacle

World’s smallest, fixed flat panel Cath lab

Technologically Advanced Features

Pulse Fluoroscopy, DSA, STENT CLARITYTM, Road Map.

21cm * 21cm Flat Panel Detector

Powerful X-Ray Tube

bp checking monitor

Single Large HD Display Monitor

Selectable Frame Rates

Neuro Vascular/ Cardio Vascular/ Peripheral Vascular Imaging mode

77% DQE Superior Image Quality and Lower Radiation Dose

QCA & Stent Clarity

High Resolution Images & Class Leading Image Quality

Designed to meet the Highest Standards of Physician and Patient Safety. PINNACLE is a result of extensive research in X-ray Technology supported by VJ Technologies, USA.

Optimized Radiation Dose:

  • Effective Use of Collimator & Filters
  • Significantly Lower Peak Output Current compared to Market Leading Cath Labs
  • Leveraging the Image Processing Chain to reduce Radiation Dose to the Doctors, Patients and Clinical staff

Using the best Imaging Technology practices to ensure Superior Radiation Safety

  • State of the art user interface on Tab
  • Ergonomic layout of Joystick and buttons
  • Lean, Smart, Sleek, User-Friendly design

High Quality, High Speed Noise Reduction Algorithms:

  • Enhance Image Quality
  • High Contrast
  •  Image Sharpness

Enables visualization of fine details for complex Cardiac and Vascular procedures

  •  All required Clinical/Technical information/Image in a single screen
  • Multiple Layouts – Customized to Suit Clinician’s Needs and Procedural Requirement
  • Adaptable window – Can show Hemodynamic/IVUS /FFR display

DSA | Roadmap | Cine | Stent Clarity ( Digital Stent Enhancement) | Pulse Fluoro

  • Touch Screen and Physical Controls
  • TAB based patient data control
  • First in the industry to have tablet based interface which allows all patient data to be controlled easily & efficiently
  • Table Control with Capacitive Switch

Reference & LIVE images together​

Super Computing Algorithms are used for the first time resulting in sharpest
image quality which allows clear visualization of all details.

Display: Experience the Best in Industry

  • 55” High-Resolution 4K Ultra HD Monitor
  • All that you need to see – on a Single Screen
  • Sharper Image Quality: Very High contrast ratio and brightness of the monitor

Sleek Design

  • Smallest footprint – Enabling Ease of Installation and Cost Savings
  • Eliminates the need for expensive modifications and can fit in small procedure rooms.

Fast and Reliable

  • Faster Procedure Time
  • Lower Radiation


  • Optimized Detector Size
  • Perform Wide variety of Cardiac and
  • Vascular Interventional procedures

Peak of Perfection

Pinnacle allows you to perform a wide variety of cardiac, peripheral vascular and neuro vascular diagnostic and interventional procedures with ease