Floor Mounted Single Plane Cath Lab, For Cardiovascular, Peripheral Vascular and Neuro Vascular Diagnostic and Interventional Procedures

L - Arm Movement

+/- 120 Degree Gantry movement provides unmatched Space Optimization enabling wide range of Cardiac, Neuro and Peripheral Vascular procedures.

Enables All Cardiac and Neuro DSA procedures
with deeper angles.

Ease of implantation of all Arrhythmia related Devices.

C - Arm Movement

Deeper angles ensure better access to the vasculature and enable better clinical decision making.


LAO/RAO - +/- 120 Degree

CRA/CAU - +/- 55 Degree

Detector Movement

Best in class free space for the deepest angles in a floor mounted lab.

Greater depth in detector movement enables deeper angulations thus helping bettervisualization of Arteries/Vessels.

Independent Detector Movement as well as synchronized detector movement with L Arm.

Table Swivel

Provides Greater flexibility to do Vascular Hybrid cases & greater access to the patient for resuscitation during emergencies.

Table Sweep

Head to toe coverage for 6 feet tall patient to perform Peripheral Vascular, Neurovascular, Cardiac and lower extremity interventions seamlessly


43” Medical Grade Monitor for Sharper and Consistent Image Quality.

User Interface

Back lit Joysticks, Buttons and keys in the table side module for ease of use or enhanced user experience. Spot light ON/OFF button provided on the table side module

Anticollision Mechanism for Patient Safety

Non -Touch Based Anticollision
Sensors for Detector, L - Arm and Table.


C Arm Speed : Upto 25 Degree/Sec   I   ISO Center Height : 1065  I Min SID : 960  I  Max SID: 1260   I SID Travel : 300  I Max Free Space : 940 I   L Movement : “+/-” 120 degrees, three side of table I   Home Position of L arm is Head End   Speed : Upto 15 Degree/Sec  I   3Way Anti-collision : Detector side, Tube side and Table side.

1.5 MHU I Oil Cooled with external Heat Exchanger with flow and
thermal safety switch

Flat Panel 12″ diagonal   I   21×21 cm  I   Pixel Size 154um Image  I  Matrix : 1344×1344  I  16-bit Dynamic range DQE – 77%.

Carbon Fiber Table Top  I  Memory foam mattress  I   Max. patient weight: 200 Kg+ 50 kg CPR   I   Min height: 780mm   I   Vertical stroke : 300 mm   I   Longitudinal stroke : 1350mm  I  Table lateral stroke: 300 mm  I  Table pivot Movement  : +/- 90 Deg.

65/100 KW High frequency X-Ray generator  I  40 – 125 KV.

43 Inch Display Live Monitor I Two 43 Inch 4K Industrial grade reference monitors in console room.

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