Advanced Monoplane C-arm (Vascular Lab) with Digital Subtractiaon Angiography


C Arm Speed : Upto 25 Degree/Sec   I   ISO Center Height : 1065  I
Min SID : 960  I  Max SID: 1260   I SID Travel : 300  I Max Free Space : 940 I   L Movement : “+/-” 120 degrees, three side of table I   Home Position of L arm is Head End   Speed : Upto 15 Degree/Sec  I   3Way Anti-collision : Detector side, Tube side and Table side.

4.5 MHU Liquid Metal Bearing tube with Dual focal spots

Flat Panel 12″ diagonal   I   21×21 cm  I   Pixel Size 154um Image  I  Matrix : 1344×1344  I  16-bit Dynamic range DQE – 77%.

Carbon Fiber Table Top  I  Memory foam mattress  I   Max. patient weight: 200 Kg+ 50 kg CPR   I   Min height: 780mm   I   Vertical stroke : 300 mm   I   Longitudinal stroke : 1350mm  I  Table lateral stroke: 300 mm  I  Table pivot Movement  : +/- 90 Deg.

100 KW High frequency X-Ray generator  I  40 – 125 KV.

55 Inch Display Live Monitor I Two 43 Inch 4K Industrial grade reference monitors in console room.

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